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Sweet Diesel


Sweet Diesel is an earthy cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Though this sativa is a member of the diesel family, its aroma is much lighter than typical diesels. Featuring a moderate fuel scent and earthy taste, Sweet Diesel is an easy strain for novice consumers. Like a true sativa, this strain provides a strong head-heavy sensation. Felt most in the face and eyes, this strain is great for easing stress and improving focus


what is sweet diesel

sweet Diesel is an earthy strain that is 100% sativa and 100% strength. This powerful lady brings together two legendary cannabis strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush, to give us a supercharged high with enough energy to fuel a jet. This uplifted state of mind is so sky high you might just land yourself on a cloud… dare we say cloud 9? The THC in this strain ranges from 10% to 18% which isn’t particularly high, but it’s nothing to turn your nose at. The effects of Sweet Diesel are potent without the aid of readable amounts of CBD or CBN. Sweet Diesel buds are long, dense, and shaped like jalapenos with a color that’s quite similar in shade. The nugs are covered in fiery orange hairs, a fine layer of frosty white trichomes, and sweet sticky resin. The aromas are passed down mostly from the Diesel family: tart and earthy with heavy diesel overtones. The flavors are rich in diesel and pungent earth. Sweet Diesel’s high can best be described as traditionally sativa. The two famous parents of this beauty have passed down their most popular and sought-after attributes. The cerebral rush begins almost immediately, soon melting into an all over body relaxation, while still being alert and energetic. The Diesel side of the family offers up the creative and almost spastic energy, while the Kush side keeps the mind more mellow. Best of all, you get all of this without racing thoughts or anxiety! As this is typically an uplifted and waking high, Sweet Diesel lends itself nicely to mental health disorders such as depression, stress, and bipolar. Because of its surges in effects, it is not recommended for anyone whose pre-existing anxiety, paranoia, or mania can be agitated by smoking. Chronic pain and fatigue also benefit greatly from the properties within this bud. With that being said, this is a strain that comes highly recommended for first timers or novice smokers because of its approachable nature and the absence of most negative side effects. Growing Sweet Diesel is not unlike growing its parent strain, Sour Diesel. As with her mother, Sweet Diesel flowers at around 8 to 10 weeks indoors or early November outdoors, and will produce an above average yield. Beyond that, information on maintaining the plant, its exact yield amounts, and growth patterns are hard to come by. Though she is a member of the Diesel family and is potent in her own ways, Sweet Diesel is lighter on the consumer than many others in the Diesel or Kush families. The flavors are more mild, more pleasant than that of her brethren, and the smoke goes down easier, making her the more appealing bud for newbies. Try this one before a busy day and enjoy the calmness that comes over you without losing the energy you need to get through your task list.


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